CEO Corner


A theme of many of my articles over the last couple of years in the Pathway has been how HBI is upgrading itself, its management and Direct Support Professionals, to get ready to meet the ever-changing needs and preferences of the individuals we serve. We especially need to get better because of the workforce crisis, the new waiver payment calculation system, as well as the aging and increasing disabilities of the people we serve.

Last October I first wrote of some of our initial plans for upgrading our training services. Our new hires, Grant Haley & Janie Harvey, have been working hard on implementing four main priorities since the fall.  First, they are making immediate changes to our systems and schedules that improve our training and take some of the pressure off of site managers. They have added a third day to orientation, bringing “in-house” some of the training that occurred at the sites. They have also scheduled medication administration on the fourth day every week, which allows new hires to get that important training out of the way, and most choose to do so. This allows us to get new hires working at full speed much faster than in the past.

Second, our new trainers have begun work on a new, 5-year training strategic plan in conjunction with Louise Harris, a consultant who has worked with us on many projects over the years. The group will study the future trends of disability services, and the needs of our staff and the populations they serve, and develop a plan to develop the training services we need.

New Software

Third, Grant researched and selected a training software product that will allow us to electronically document all of our orientation & training with ease, as well as develop innovative training methods.  He selected an Auzmor product that is comprehensive yet simple to use. We are in the process of customizing as we speak.

Finally, Janie and I are updating our site manager training program into a more comprehensive curriculum. The product will be delivered over six months. It will not only develop the paperwork and regulatory skills of our new managers, but also teach them leadership and management skills to prosper in today’s work world where training, learning, oversight, interpersonal effectiveness and organizational talent are the key to successful and compassionate service delivery.

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