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Employee Enrichment

HBI has worked hard to carry out pieces of its employee enrichment program over the last few years. Two of the most important components of it include raising wages of its employees and improving communication with all staff. During the fall of 2017 and into 2018, both the Board of Directors and the Management Team worked diligently to fashion a compensation plan of r 2018 that will improve recruitment and retention. It is our intention that the timing and the amount of these increases will help with staffing, thus improving all of our work lives.

A few days ago I announces the first step of the plan. Effective the first full pay period in April, all “On Site Supervisors” or OSS positions will be raised to either $13.00 an hour or by $0.25, which ever is the greater amount. In addition, the minimum starting wage for the OSS positions will be raised to $12.75 effective the same time period. Finally, HBI is changing the qualifications for this positions: only two years of FTE experience or a college education will be required.

The OSS position is an important direct support staff position at HBI and it is our hope that by raising the pay, especially the starting pay, and eliminating unnecessary qualification requirements, we will improve the recruitment and retention of this vital position.

Employees who work in the OSS positions will see the increase on their paystubs or checks issued on April 27, 2018.

We will be making further adjustments throughout the year. Please stay tuned.

In addition, the Human Resources Department is rolling out its first version of an employee newsletter. It was distributed early February for the first time and will contain important information, celebrate employee anniversaries and notable performances. It also features a gift card giveaway but only if the employee reads carefully.

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