In honor of Black History Month

Wednesday, February 1

As we celebrate Black History Month, I would like to highlight three African Americans that contributed to black history, in the fields of culinary arts,...

CEO Corner

Sunday, January 1

I have been writing this column for over 20 years, highlighting the successes and yes, the challenges of delivering services to individuals with severe disabilities...

CEO Corner

Tuesday, June 7

I last wrote an update about Homeward Bound’s activities related to closing the Brooklyn Park facility and opening several smaller homes in way last January....

CEO Corner

Tuesday, April 19

Every April, it is my turn to explain the Board of Directors and the Executive Department to readers of the Pathway. Our philosophy here at...

CEO Corner

Tuesday, March 8

Legislative sessions during even numbered years are considered off-budget sessions where the budget passed the previous year is to be only adjusted based early financial...

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